Reflecting Upon Natural Selection

Having taken biology courses in the past I have a pretty strong understating of natural selection and how it works. The main conclusion that this week brought me too was that evolution can happen faster than one would think. Both the finches and the mice we heard about adapted in a very short amount of time. The big idea that this week related to was Big Idea 1A which is “Natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution.” We can see how this is true by both the demonstrations we saw of natural selection, one example being the beaks of finches and the other being the color of mice fur. Another thing that i learned while not in class is that there a genes for friendliness and other emotions. In this video: they explain how they breed only the foxes that showed less aggression to humans until they had something that was domesticated. I’m also looking forward to the other concepts we’ll be learning in this class.

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