More Molecular Biology

This week we learned about biological macro-molecules, we learned about how they formed, what they did and how they function. We learned about how they need to be in specific structures and how they achieve these necessary structures. The plants have shown no sign of change yet, which is to be expected. We also did […]

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Alleles And Hardy Weinberg

This week we did lots of number crunching with calculating allele distribution in populations. Most of these where mock populations but we did talk about how sickle-cell anemia and malaria is related. The main concept is that if you are heterozygous for sickle-cell anemia you have an advantage when fighting off malaria, heteroygous simply means […]

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Reflecting Upon Natural Selection

Having taken biology courses in the past I have a pretty strong understating of natural selection and how it works. The main conclusion that this week brought me too was that evolution can happen faster than one would think. Both the finches and the mice we heard about adapted in a very short amount of […]

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